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Initial Consultation

What is The Body Clinic?


The Body Clinic works first as a 90 minute consultation with 30 day on going support from Gemma, Then follow up consultations of 60 minutes with 30 days of on-going support.


We use Metabolic Analytics (formerly BioPrint) which is a cutting edge, non-invasive, body composition and system. It was developed by world renowned coach, Charles R. Poliquin.


The modulation gives a quick snapshot into the body. This correlates the storage of body fat with potential hormonal imbalances. These imbalances are what have caused various physiological issues.

These include fat gain, poor sleep and energy all the way to poor performance and more impacting one's well-being. The system uses a proprietary software with the precise measurement of 14 skinfold sites:



Pectoral (Chest)



Sub-scapular (shoulder blade)

Mid-axillary (Below the Armpit)

Suprailiac (Hips)

Australian (Lower Back)

Umbilical (Stomach)

Knee cap





The measures are then entered into the Proprietary software. It uses an algorithm based upon decades of expensive blood lab analysis to determine what the hormonal imbalances are.


Also it calculates the person's body fat percentage and is the only software that uses lower body measures in the calculation! From here it allows a much more individualised, tailored nutritional, lifestyle and supplementation protocols.


This leads to much greater and faster results.

Progress And Follow Up Consultation

Each consultation is followed by 30 days of support from Gemma. After those 30 days it is recommended that you return for your follow up consultation that lasts 60 minutes and is supported by another 30 days of Gemma's council.

Your body will make significant changes during these 30 days and re-measuring will give you data to show you exactly what changes have occurred. Having the satisfaction of not just feeling the changes but also seeing the data can give the vital information that we need to perfectly tailor the exact nutrition and supplementation that you need to manage your physiological systems correctly.  The 5 main areas  that we focus on are:

Insulin Management (Blood Glucose)
Toxicity levels (This does NOT mean DETOX)

Gynoid (Female dominant hormones)
Android (Male dominant hormones)
Recovery (Sleep and cell rejuvenation)

One physiological system will be dealt with at a time, Focusing this way ensures that we can get the best results for you in the quickest time. 

Over time your body will change which system needs managing which is why we suggest monthly check ups to make sure you are managing your health in the most effective way.


Follow Up Consultation

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